Prott Interaction Map

Automated screen transition diagrams for all projects!

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Nao Tsuchiyaceo, Goodpatch Inc.
Hi there, Nao founder of Prott here. We’re really excited about the latest addition to our Prott feature family - the Interaction Map! Now you can say goodbye to having to create your screen transition diagrams in other tools, manually, screen by screen. With the Interaction Map feature and Prott, you can create prototypes and get their screen transition diagrams without any extra steps. Learn more about Prott and the features family here: We’re looking forward to your questions, comments, and feedback!
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Jari SandersDesigner
Looking very impressive, this is the exact overview I always lack when I'm working on a project for a couple days in a row. I was wondering whether I could use Prott for web applications too since the website seems to be focussing on mobile only?
Product Mangaer
@bbxweb Hi Jari, Thank you for your comment! You can use Prott to prototype for any web or mobile projects. If you'd like to create a prototype for a different dimension other than the ones mentioned, you can always enter custom dimensions as well. Read more about our features here: Hope this helps and we'd love to have you onboard!