A master course that'd take you from A to B.
A: 0 coding experience
B: building real-world prototypes with React and Framer.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Linton has single handedly taught hundreds of designers how to code and people are raving about his materials and ability to explain things that seemed hard before. This course is no different and well worth investing in.
Hey Hunters! This course is the fruit of the React/Framer Summer Challenge I organized earlier where 500+ designers have joined. Over 2 months of dedication, sweat & tears. I've baked all my learnings into this unique learning experience. Hope you find it useful!
The Summer Challenge was incredibly useful for getting started with Framer X, even though I don't have any previous programming experience. Linton is a great and patient teacher who answered a lot of underlying questions that simple tutorials couldn't. Totally recommend
This month was not easy at all due to load on my work. But it worth it! I'll save a tone of time in the future for me and my clients. Linton showed us that coding is reachable even for designers. The course is interesting and understandable because everything is around practice.