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I love What else are you guys using?
Great job! I have a little suggestion: Can we add filtering to each column. (I think this would be handy as list grows on.)
@sasindumendis Yes! Fixed table headers, filtering and a responsive version are on my to-do list! : )
Compare tools and find the one that fits all of your design needs. Thanks @adellecharles for sharing it with me.
@jtriest THIS IS AMAZING! What a cool resource! We've been showing our product Betabook (a portable whiteboard - see to loads of UX/UI designers, service designers, design thinkers and the visual thinking community and we're going to be sharing this site with these groups for sure! Many of the tools on this list make great companions to the workflow made possible by Betabook. In particular we heard at a recent UX/UI meetup in Berlin that the app POP (Prototyping On Paper) would work nicely. Great to see this synchronicity here on Product Hunt – and cheers to @adellecharles for sharing this – I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have discovered this nearly as fast otherwise! Gabriel Producer, Betabook
I like for speed, and heard good things about Flinto and Pixate. Also, the prototyping tools page is missing a column for degree of difficulty ;)
Hi! I have +20 more tools waiting to be added. Cheers!