Free tool based on Framer.js to create awesome interactions

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Hey all! "Prototyp" is a web app I created to let people create prototypes using Framer.js no matter what platform they were on. Since FramerStudio is right now only available for mac and is paid, Prototyp works as a perfect tool for those who are not able to buy FramerStudio or are not on mac and still want to use the really wonderful FramerJS. Features: - Platform independent. Its a web app. - Mobile previews - Power coding mode :) - Its Free Excited to hear some feedback!
This is uber cool! Thank you for making this @chinchang457 Always wanted to experiment with Framer :)
@ambonium Thanks! Good to hear that :)
Thanks Kushagra, I was looking this type of product from long time. I will definitely use this product and let you know the feedback :)
@singhalankit Thanks :) Cheers!
This is a really cool tool for those who wants to design cool UX. Awesome job here!
@germancastano Appreciate the good words :)
This doesn't appear to work on mobile. (iOS)
@ryan_masilionis Hi! The prototype editor is available only on desktop.