Powerful yet simple vector graphics editor and prototyping

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Vasil Enchev
Maker of - Agile/Kanban/Time
I am proud with my team for this was one hard year of developing this product. We managed to release this app after so much development obstacles. As a designer making a product for designers is particularly hard because you know how pretentious designers are. And you know everything will be looked under a magnifying glass. What you see here a complete vector editor with boolean operation, pen tool, align and distribute and so on.... is merely an MVP of what our goal is. We have plans to fuse design and prototyping in one single product which is multiplatform. We start on iPad but this Mac version is not that far ahead. More about it on our site
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We are very excited about our app launch ! Would love to hear your thoughts on ProtoSketch :)
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Kasper Christensen
Founder, Dream Conception
"kc_aplosweb: @theprotosketch This looks solid! How does it handle fonts, typekit integration? and how about external assets such as icon sets, svgs etc.?" "theprotosketch: @kc_aplosweb You can import ttf, you can outline fonts, you can import svgs as well. Everything’s is covered !" Can't wait to start playing around with it!
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Nice! This will be amazing to mockup ideas on the go and polish then up on a laptop. Any plans on integrating with Sketch?
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