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Sergey Makarov


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Derek Minter
Derek MinterHunter@derekminter · @PurseIO, Prev Founder at Honeybadgr
Announcement: "To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we are upgrading all accounts created by June 17th, 2015 to 1GB of free storage! Many of you have also asked for a way to share ProtonMail with friends and family. To do that, we have created a special link that allows instant account creation: You can send this link to friends and family and they will be able to get a ProtonMail account instantly. As our server capacity is still limited, we will only keep this link active until June 17th, 2015 (or until we hit capacity limit). Also after June 17th, all new accounts will default to 500MB of free storage. Over the past year, ProtonMail has proven to be reliable with less than 12 hours of total downtime (mostly scheduled maintenance), no incidents of permanent data loss, and no reports of user data compromise. Over that same period, the ProtonMail user community has grown from 10,000 to 500,000 people. "
Steven W
Steven W@mrwongsteven · Nice guys finish lunch.
@derekminter Congrats! I've been using this ever since it was first introduced on PH. Love the message password feature.
Travis Lee Street
Travis Lee Street@travisleestreet · Cofunder @
Best feature of Protonmail is inbox notifications to other email addresses. A gentle way to intro and retain encrypted email to those not ready to give up their Gmail accounts.
Jack Smith
Jack SmithPro@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@travisleestreet what do you mean by inbox notifications please?
Travis Lee Street
Travis Lee Street@travisleestreet · Cofunder @
@_jacksmith Hi JAck. You get an email in your main inbox saying you should check your Protonmail account because you have messages waiting for you - so you don't miss anything.
Stefan KP
Stefan KP@stefankp · Developer
All communication on the web should be encrypted by default. Well done!
Jason Stockman
Jason StockmanMaker@jason_stockman
@stefankp It's the future of the internet if you think about it. We're leading the way with email (to start).
Nick Coates
Nick Coates@gadgick · ITSM Consultant, Designer, Volunteer
Been using ProtonMail for about 6 months, but not as my primary email. Been waiting for the launch of the iOS app & hopefully custom domains in the future!
Jason Stockman
Jason StockmanMaker@jason_stockman
@nickcoates_ Both iOS and Android are being tested daily in our office. Working out finals bugs and should have them in the app store in the next few months.
Nick Coates
Nick Coates@gadgick · ITSM Consultant, Designer, Volunteer
@jasonstockman Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the iOS app!
eelco@eelcojellema · building
Got an account with them, but totally forgot about it. It is in any way good that there are more possibilities besides the big companies.