Protect the Hustle

Interviews from the best in the world of subscription & SaaS

Every week we bring interviews from the best in the world of subscriptions and SaaS - Brian Halligan, Patty McCord, David Cancel - and dig deep on what it’s like in the trenches actually doing the work.
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I couldn't care less about the "diversity" practices of some multi billion dollar corporate tech company. How does that relate the the average tech guy building a SaaS. Very out of touch and people are getting fed up listening to this constant virtue signaling BS.


Nice production value


Don't bother. It's nothing but elitist, arrogant SJW content that is completely out of touch with the real world.

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Hey Brett - if only you knew me, the irony of your statements would be clear. Nevertheless, I'm not sure how embracing your skeptics has anything to do with the topic of your comment (although I do think diversity is a worthy subject of study). All of the past episodes are also geared towards building a company and being an effective executive.
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Good stuff, just found it on Spotify. Followed and will take a listen. Really hoping to hear some true trench stories
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@kevinyun Let's gooooooooo! :)
@patticus I'm really not trying to be a dick here but why do you suppose you're not getting any subscribers or interest in this content? Very little engagement for well made videos that are from 2018 still aren't getting any traction. I can tell you my perspective if you're interested. If not, that's fine too. Although my review does lay it out pretty well. I suppose it really only matters if you are trying to create real value for people, with this series or simply build a production brand that drives traffic to your own SaaS.
@brett_lockhart1 not sure where you're seeing low engagement - our shows/podcasts run roughly 25-30k subscribers and tens of thousands of views/listens/reads per month. We don't do much to our youtube account if that's where you're referring.
@patticus Yep, the Youtube channel is a very low view count. Can I ask? Who is your target market? Are you just looking to drive traffic to your SaaS? Then the content would make sense I suppose. But it seems to me that the mix of corporate political messaging in your videos would really only appeal to a very small demographic. Have you ever thought of content that would appeal to the tech entrepreneur in the trenches? The ones that are interested in building tech and business but don't relate to established big tech ladder climbers. Again, maybe you're just trying to reach enterprise CEOs for your app. If that's the case, just ignore me. I'm not your demographic and I apologise for the criticism. But if not, I have to say, I really don't care about some corporate diversity policy or virtue signaling. I'm sick to death of it to be honest.
The ProfitWell folks are at it again. This time they are launching show called Protect the Hustle. Watch the show to get the lessons learned by the best folks in subscription and SaaS.
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Love the content & design. Keep 'em coming!
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Looking forward, I just subscribed to it.
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