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The site wasn't loading for me (Chrome, Windows 10) this morning, it only showed a white screen. I wish I had more constructive feedback, but this entire product leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth. Some combination of being LinkedIn-based and mixing professional and romantic interests, I'm just a bit weirded out by the whole concept. That being said I wish you luck and success, and hope my inexplicable bias is proven to be nothing but a lack of fully grasping your objectives.
@chris_germano Hi there. did you try this link:
@annie_s I did, it is working on my other PC. Just thought any report was better than no report
@chris_germano Got it! I will let our tech team to take a look at it. Thank you, Chris!
Hello everyone, we've just updated and released our app, Prospr. It's available both on iOS and Android. Or you can just head over to our official website to see more information. Prospr and the other dating apps are alike in some basic features, you can swipe to like and pass, chat with your matches. Here are some differences that make Prospr outstanding. 1. LinkedIn verified members 2. AI-based match-making services 3. An anti-scam system What's New: A Brand-new Quiz Mode! It helps increase the match rate up by 125%. Try it out. We'd love to hear any feedback from your guys. Leave your comments there and we'll try to respond.
Wow, this is a great app, however, where were you 3 years before? Really, 3 years before I was so desperate because of the absence of girlfriend, that even registered at a dating site specially for Texas to try to find soul mate... Yeah, you know, there exists a dating site for austin texas personals, and, by the way, there I was lucky to find a lot of girls with who I had about 3 dates a month, but the girl I liked the most was a simple and silent girl, decent and shy, that was even afraid simply to walk with me. She was so cute, that I kind of wanted to help her to discover herself... Sorry, I simply wanted to tell you my story, I know that it's not appropriate here, but...