Impress Your Clients With Your Proposals, Make a great first impression by sending a proposal that looks amazing on any device.

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Hey Hunters! I'm happy to introduce - Prospero - writing Proposals like it's 2017. Before I explain about the product, let me explain why we're doing it - My name is Lior. I'm a co-founder at The nuSchool, where we help creative freelancers with the annoying tasks that hold them back from doing what they really want - the creative work. We know that writing a winning proposal is a headache. It’s also not why you chose to become a freelancer. Prospero will make creating proposals fast and painless, so that you can go back to working on what matters most. Because you're hunters and you're into Making Products - we've created a video to show you the story behind building Prospero:
Here's the demo for the product:
Join us for a live session where we explain how we designed and built Prospero:
Yours, Lior Frenkel CEO & Head of Fun @ The nuSchool
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@hamutsi Good luck Lior! Unfortunately I'm not a freelancer yet, but looks like a great product! :)
@roishik Thanks Roi :)
@hamutsi Pricing model is absolutely great, I will use and recommend the hell out of this tool. Although for freelancers who sell higher volume per month, I would recommend you have either a monthly fee option, or conversely a "maximum per month" model. Maybe "after your fifth accepted proposal each month, the rest are free..." kind of idea. But that is for people selling different daily or short term services. After building my first proposal, I was blown away. Very thoughtful UI/UX, very intuitive workflow, and even very good default contract writing (the stuff we hate the most). I would love to see a place where other freelancers could share their best proposals with each other (leaving client details out) so we can glean from the best contract writing. Everyone should use this, it's great.
@bramk Thanks ^_^
Looks amazing guys! I'm differently going to use it :)
Thanks @urieli17! We hope you're going to love it!
@urieli17 Thanks! Let us know how you like it :)
Awesome, nice to see Prospero here 😊 I have heard about it quite some times in @ransegall vlog 👌👊
I think this tool fills a gap in the market that designers will learn to love. $20 is a great price for a well crafted proposal that could win designers thousands of dollars in work. As someone who has contracted with lots of freelance designers, I can attest to the fact business would much rather work with strong designers that put in the effort early on.
@bryantchou First of all - I agree with every word. Second - I'm a huge webflow fan, just wanted to say that :)
@kobaiko Thanks! We're definitely huge supporters of web design freelancers!