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Fellow Product Hunters, Raphael Ouzan here, co-founder of BillGuard. Today, we're celebrating the big launch of our iOS and Android apps since the acquisition of BillGuard by Prosper last October. Since starting BillGuard, we've dreamt of empowering consumers with a smarter, more efficient way to deal with personal finance. Now, we're closer than ever: the rebranded, upgraded BillGuard is live and we call it Prosper Daily. * Why a new name? We're now leveraging the best of Prosper's unique FinTech IP to help you not only track and protect your money, but also to tangibly optimize your financial life. We've almost doubled our team in Tel Aviv, redesigned the app, started offering a free credit score, and added debt analytics to help you uncover hard-to-track creeping costs. All this while striving to distill the complexity of all things finance down to a tap or swipe. * What's up with the fuchsia? Wait, who said a money app has to be that heavy institutional blue, green and black? Prosper Daily will empower you in new and surprising ways, so its graphic personality is distinct among financial apps: friendly, light and forward-thinking. Try it out! I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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@raphaelouzan I was excited for this (I Gave up on Mint - too much). Tried connecting my first account (PNC Bank) and it's been spinning "Connecting your card" for ~7 minutes now :-( Any known issues with PNC?
@edholloway @raphaelouzan having the same issue connecting my Chase credit card :(
@settonsamuel @raphaelouzan My PNC card eventually worked (took over 35 minutes) - got a nice alert on my watch that it was ready though. Trying some other accounts now
@raphaelouzan I think you've got a bad bug here. I mis-entered one of my security questions on an account (PNC Credit card) and instead of it re-prompting me for it again, it only prompts for UserName/Password. It also apparently kept trying all night (even with app shut) because I had 4 emails from PNC this morning "Your security question was just answered incorrectly". Now my account is locked out until I deal with the bank when they open :-( What I saw of the app looked cool, but this seems like a bad issue.
one of the few apps i used *every* day
I like the idea, but not available in my country πŸ˜’ Any plans on expanding to Europe? πŸ˜„
@mikkel_ulstrup Also keen to see this in the UK! We miss out on all the good bankning apps
@mikkel_ulstrup we'd love that but currently focusing on US
@raphaelouzan well, you can let me know if you ever come to Europe :-)
Congrats on the release, Raphael! I've been trying out services like Mint and Personal Capital. Can you explain the differences between Prosper Daily and these other apps?
@kevnguy Did you stick with Mint and Personal Capital? While being wonderful tools, we find that the lean approach is the way to go. We try to make everything very simple and help you create a habit of going over your spending on a daily basis.
@raphaelouzan No, I ended up leaving Mint because the iOS app was too cluttered! Can't wait to try out Prosper Daily; it looks really slick and clean! πŸ‘
This is pretty great. Mint no longer works on my phone (crashes on launch) so I have been looking for a slick alternative. So far my only issue is the time it takes to add accounts and the occasional crash when editing transactions. Looking forward to it adding more features!
@gdsingh due to peak load yesterday account connection took longer than usual. The process should be much smoother now. Regarding the crash - do you mind emailing about it? we will make sure to take care of this issue. Apologize for the inconvenience.