Empower your team with ruby codebase audits and analytics

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Super excited to launch my first app to help ruby developers manage codebase dependencies, named Prospector! We track your Gemfile dependencies over time, giving you clear insight into how your codebase evolves and providing a security audit on stale dependencies. We're closer to CodeClimate in a lot of ways, but focusing entirely on dependencies. There are a few other products out there with similar goals, but everything on the market requires you to use Github for hosting your code, and granting the service access to your Github repo. Prospector works differently by collecting your bundle information at runtime, on deploy, or as part of your CI test suite - all by simply installing our gem. Our roadmap includes support for private gem servers and automated pull requests to help the team stay on top of updates even easier. We're excited for your feedback, so hit me up on twitter @macfanatic or @madebylotus!