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Hi Hunters, I'm the founder and CEO of AMA I'll be happy to answer :)
@vincenzor First question, that totally wasn't your voice on the product video, right? Or are you a voice actor part-time as well. Lol. :)
@vincenzor Awesome tool & thanks for your support. I'm worried though -- I really like what you're doing, there's good value to me and my team in automating the more mechanical aspects of prospecting, but how will you be making money? Help me, help you! Thanks.
@joshuapinter sure it's my voice... No, Voicebunny in fact ;)
@yarri we are already making money, here is our pricing:
@vincenzor Your revenue is derived from email harvesting, tied to the Chome plug-ins; our team will be prospecting from your sources but also from legacy mailing list signups, etc. You'll be making money on the former activity not that later, is that oK? Thank!
@vincenzor Cool product! Is there a way to have the Chrome extension not automatically re-query each time you open it on the same domain? Typical use case: I'm browsing a site, I might click the extension, 10 seconds later might click a link or switch tabs, when I come back to the site, the Prospect button charges me for another query (even though the results likely didn't change). Would be nice if there was some built in caching or if you only counted unique domains towards the query limit.
Looks slick. Looking forward to giving it a spin! Anyone have experience with
@georgegayl Love it's an amazing tool to send emails directly from Chrome (with template email and personalization). I receive a notification on Slack when my email is open and Prospect add a new deal on Pipedrive! πŸ˜€ Congrat's @vincenzor your product it's really awesome! πŸ‘Š
@tombenattar Sweet workflow. Do you use a mass email in addition, like Mailchimp?
@kkdub I don't like to use Mailchimp for mass cold email, I prefer Mixmax for this
@tombenattar Mailchimp was worst example ever. Def not built for cold. :)
@vincenzor Cool tool! Does this violate LinkedIn's TOS?
@jwick_89 @vincenzor This is my question as well. We use Salesloft Cadence, and they're sunsetting their "Prospector" tool in the near future (already stopped taking on new users and are simply maintaining it for current CXs), so should I look at this as a true replacement for Salesloft Prospector? How about something like Datanyze that also extracts CRM info from Social profiles such as on LinkedIn?