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Proseful is a simple blogging platform, designed to help you stay focused and showcase your content in style.
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Hello everyone! Thanks for hunting @ozgrozer! I've long had an itch to build a focused blogging platform with a great UX at a price that's fair for personal blogging. Making a simple, fast and helpful writing experience is something I'll be focused on. For the MVP, I've tried to build half a product, not a half-assed one; there's lots more to do. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! πŸ™πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ
Hey @jonathansutherland, congrats on this product! πŸŽ‰ I love how simple it is, and the design/ui is absolutely pristine. How long did you work on this product? And do you mind sharing the stack you used to build it? I look forward to using it! ✌️
Thanks @nicoglennon! ☺️ It took about 10 months. A couple months were spent pivoting to a headless platform and then back to the original idea. The backend is a Phoenix app running on AWS. I have an OpenResty reverse proxy that's handling SSL termination for custom domains. The frontend is Redux and React. Using GraphQL to communicate between the frontend and backend. The content editor is built on the lovely ProseMirror. So glad you like it! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions, stack or otherwise, or run into issues. Cheers!
I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I was always a huge fan of Svbtle but always wanted the ability for an About page. This looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for. Well done!
@iamjmw Thanks for checking it out! πŸ™ Hopefully it'll be useful to you. If you encounter issues or anything else, please feel free to drop me a line. 🍺
Hi @jonathansutherland - Proseful looks awesome. I'm curious to know how the data is being stored. Something I'm worried about is losing my blog post down the line.
Hey @dewayneroyj, awesome that you think so! Data is stored in an AWS RDS Postgres database w/ read replica. Automated backups are performed daily and retained for 30 days. Database deletion protection is enabled to help mitigate any brain fart moments. EDIT: It's actually multi-AZ replication that I'm using; haven't needed a read replica yet. I'll be looking into some form of additional automated backup to S3 in a different region (and possibly account) for disaster recovery and help protect against maliciousness. Haven't seen much discussion on this sort of thing though, so open to hearing what others are doing here. For user control of data, I plan on adding revision history to the content editor. And the ability to export your data; that's key too. Cheers!
@jonathansutherland Thanks! Do you have any plans to allow users to create an "About" page on the Proseful platform?
@dewayneroyj For sure. That's something I'd like to have for my personal blog too. This can sorta be done today, by publishing an "About" post and adding a navigation link to it... though it would appear in your list of posts, so not ideal. Thinking I could add a setting to make a post "hidden" or "static", so that once published, it doesn't appear in your list of posts, but can still be reached. Thoughts?
@jonathansutherland That sounds good. Don't know how many people want an About page but if a-lot, you can also create a page for "About Me" with a text box that ppl could type into.

Everything I have been looking for in a blogging platform for the past five years. I've spent thousands of dollars on other platforms and trials and was never happy. Today I awoke to this on Product Hunt list, and smiled ear to ear. Prayers answered.


SIMPLE, Clean & Free! The set up took me less than 5 mins.


Would like to see an extract content option, but can't complain otherwise. Perfect blogging platform.