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Alexander KehayaHunter@afkehaya · Entrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs
This is an amazing startup from Santa Barbara that I've been working with on and off for about 2 years. They came out of Startup Weekend SB 2013. The founder, Andreas, started out wanting to make a device that would help his mother communicate when she was in the hospital and unable to move or speak. So he invented a stone like device that would allow you to send predefined messages via swipes and taps that could be spoken/read on a smart phone or any other device. Today, they're releasing their app (Prose) and announcing they've successfully enabled a woman with Cerebral Palsy to speak by mapping her thought patterns with an EEG device (built by Emotive) and turn those thought patterns to speech through the :prose API. It's a an exciting company that will help millions of people. I'll get the founder here asap so he can answer questions. Check out the video on the site for more details. Thanks to my friend Charles Kinnane and http://www.kinnanefilms.com/ for coming down to SB last minute to document this important moment.
Andreas Forsland@andybrand · Founder, Smartstones
Cool. Thanks for posting on product hunt. I'm Andreas. I started Smartstones. Was inspired when my mom was sick in the hospital, intubated with pneumonia. After developing the early product concepts, parents of autistic children were coming to me en mass asking if it could help unlock their ability to communicate. And this is what started us on this journey to build technology that can unlock the minds of literally hundreds of millions of people unable to speak, ranging from ALS, autism, parkinsons, brain and spinal cord injuries, deafness, cerebral palsy and more. We are seeing success in special ed programs at schools, adult day programs for people living with disabilities and rehabilitation hospitals. Our focus right now is to work with schools to make :prose available to as many kids as possible. And for those severe physical challenges, to use any kind of sensory device to remotely control :prose - such as our gesture control device (Smartstones Touch), the Apple Watch, and now Emotiv's Insight or Epoc+ wireless EEG brainwave headset. If you are interested in joining us to further this mission, let me know. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Thanks ProductHunt community.
Evan Petrack@petrev01 · People Researcher; Loves GIS & Data
@andybrand My significant other is a teacher and often works with children at varying stages of vocal ability - this could literally be a game changer. Thank you. I also used to work with individuals with spina bifida, and the Emotiv think-to-speak scene was beautiful.
Andreas Forsland@andybrand · Founder, Smartstones
@petrev01 awesome Evan. Join us and help make a huge impact. We have an EEG + :prose beta signup on our site. Early access to our EEG friendly speech app, plus an exclusive discount on the EEG courtesy of Emotive and Smartstones (priced between $299-$399.)
Pedram Vahabi@pedramvahabi · UX Designer / Product Designer
I like it!!! 😎 👍
Alexander KehayaHunter@afkehaya · Entrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs
@pedramvahabi Thanks for the support!
This sounds fantastic!!!
Alexander KehayaHunter@afkehaya · Entrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs
@emily_manchanda Thanks Em! It's really exciting.
MissCourtney Angryblonde@misscourtney_angryblonde
I work for someone with CP and he is non verbal, I am going to share this with him right away!! Thank You
Andreas Forsland@andybrand · Founder, Smartstones
@misscourtney_angryblonde That's awesome !!! You're the best. They can scroll to bottom of our homepage to signup to join our "Think to Speak" beta. Bonus - they'll also get a discount on an Emotiv Insight or Epoc+ brainwave headset.