Turn thoughts/gestures to messages and speech.

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Alexander Kehaya
@afkehaya · Entrepreneur / ActionWins.co
This is an amazing startup from Santa Barbara that I've been working with on and off for about 2 years. They came out of Startup Weekend SB 2013. The founder, Andreas, started out wanting to make a device that would help his mother communicate when she was in the hospital and unable to move or speak. So he invented a stone like device that would allow you to… See more
Andreas Forsland
@andybrand · Founder, Smartstones
Cool. Thanks for posting on product hunt. I'm Andreas. I started Smartstones. Was inspired when my mom was sick in the hospital, intubated with pneumonia. After developing the early product concepts, parents of autistic children were coming to me en mass asking if it could help unlock their ability to communicate. And this is what started us on this journey … See more
Pedram Vahabi
@pedramvahabi · UX Designer / Product Designer
I like it!!! 😎 👍
This sounds fantastic!!!
MissCourtney Angryblonde
I work for someone with CP and he is non verbal, I am going to share this with him right away!! Thank You