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Helps you make decisions by weighing outcomes

#5 Product of the DayJuly 22, 2019
Ever have difficulty in making simple or difficult life decisions that may affect your life in drastic ways? Pros and Cons can help you figure out which choice is the best for you, it's not perfect but it helps!
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I've recently been working on a mobile app to help with decision making. Sometimes when you have a sizable dilemma in front of you, it's probably a good idea to weigh the pros & cons of that particular situation. So, I created PROS & CONS, an Android app that helps you create a list of positive and negative outcomes for anything at all. Eventually I will be making use of a Sentiment Analysis algorithm I'm developing, along with some other helpful tools to allow a user choose the most suitable outcome for them. Let me know what you think of the idea and implementation, thanks!
Great idea...always good for me to look at the pros and cons
@awt Thank you. Absolutely, I love when I am able to see all my options visually, and making this has definitely helped me.
@g33kidd Great idea. Could you talk to me about your Flutter experience? my email
@brunoaderaldo Of course! Working on an email now!
Great idea, would love to try it out, iOS user though :/
@bcye Hey Bruce, sadly I can't afford to pay for an Apple Developer account right now, but when I can I should be able to just publish it right away since I'm using Flutter!
@g33kidd I got an account, if you want DM me on Twitter @bcye_tw and we could discuss me publishing this for you
@bcye That would be so awesome, thank you! I'll be in touch!
Love the idea. Have always thought of this framework of weighing individual arguments and sub arguments in favour and against to take decisions. Can you scale this framework for decision-making in teams? A lot of meetings/video calls take place to take decisions. If members could share their arguments real time and managers could assign correct weight (because of more context), taking decisions can happen over the fly and make remote collaboration even easier. Presently it happens over Slack, Email, WhatsApp, Twist. None of them provide such a framework. This solution is powerful therefore because it removes the need of concurrency of members for decision making. Also a small tip - the color scheme is slightly amateurish. Good for MVP, but users invest more when design is sleek. Cheers. Would love to chat more and test further versions. :)
@rahulchhabra07 Hey Rahul, thanks a lot for the feedback! Presently I am currently working on a multi-user decision making feature, but I love the idea of having a remote team decision making process on there. I'll definitely have to look into that. Hopefully I can figure out what I want to do with the colors soon. I'll have to message you soon! Thanks again!
@g33kidd I'm of the same opinion as @rahulchhabra07 is :) We are a team of 4 co-founders and just today we had a long and hard argument about one of our decisions and we wanted to write pros and cons of it to reach a consensus, but we just didn't have pen&paper. If I had known about this kind of solution, it wouldn't have taken me a lot of time to summarize all our arguments and reach a decision faster. So yeah, decision-making in teams could be a really awesome feature.
@rahulchhabra07 @ihor_levenets1 Wow! Honestly I've never thought about this use-case for teams before, but thanks for the insight on a real-world use for this type of thing. Really appreciate the feedback and suggestion!
Thank you, this looks great. Sometimes it's just so hard to keep all the reasons for and against fresh in your mind.
@mooooorrisjjj Glad you like it! That's exactly why I built this app, it's so much easier once you have all those possible outcomes right in front of you. Can't wait to keep making updates!