Send recognition and more from Slack to your office TVs.

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We use Props at RJMetrics and it's been a great tool to help the team communicate with each other. The super-tight integration with Slack lets us send shouts, celebrate everything from customer wins to birth announcements, and share animated GIFs to our office TVs without having to leave Slack.
Thanks for posting @chuise. We are really excited to launch Props on Product Hunt today! Props sends recognition and more from Slack to your office TVs. It's a great way to communicate your company culture to your office. We see anything from teams wins to someone getting engaged getting props. In addition, we have a full-service TV OS. We provide a simple interface to control all your TVs. With our apps, you can connect to any third party service, such as GitHub, GitLab, Zendesk, PagerDuty, Salesforce, Twitter, Instagram. We also have apps to display company announcements or images, the weather, or any URL. We'd love to hear your feedback on our product!
It seems like every startup in I visit is using this all of a sudden. Thanks for making office TVs less lame.
We use Props at SnipSnap and it's been stellar. Recognizing each other is important to our team and Props fit seamlessly in to our workflow via Slack. It immediately (and continually) adds value.
Thanks @chrisbaglieri ! Your feedback along the way has been great!
We use and love Props at the app startup I co-founded, SnipSnap, as well as the image recognition company that acquired us, Slyce. Slack integration is killer!