Functional props composition for UI components (React & Vue)

ProppyJS is tiny JavaScript library for composing functional props for your UI components. Currently supporting React.js, Vue.js, and Preact.

Also has integrations for Redux and RxJS.

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This looks really nice. What are the key areas of differentiation from recompose?
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@pettymark: thanks for the kind words, Mark! I have tried to explain the differences between Proppy and Recompose in the FAQ page here: I will copy it here for convenience: - Not tied to any rendering libraries (like React or Vue.js) - Allows access to application-wide dependencies (like Redux store, config, etc) - Deals with only props generation - Doesn’t create a new component in tree per function Hope that helps!
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@fahad19 Point 2 and 4 makes this very compelling.
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Hey @fahad19, Can you tell us more about what you've built here and why you wanted to create it?
Hi @jacqvon! ProppyJS is a 1.5kB JavaScript library, that is: - Rendering library agnostic (works with React, Vue, Preact) - Abstracts props generation (objects that components receive to render themselves) - Integrates with other libraries (like Redux and RxJS) for data source easily The idea is to make developers focus on: - The behaviour of their UI Components, irrespective of their stack - The behaviour can be expressed as props only - The generated props can then be connected to any other rendering library Benefits: - Your components layer becomes simple and functional - All they do is receive props and render themselves (nothing else) - Easier unit testing since logic and presentation layer becomes separate - Interoperability with other libraries without locking you in Please let me know if you have any further questions :)
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