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@kumbunterland Adding an 'accept button' is a critical CTA to have. Also, make a payment option to monetize Proppy by either using Moltin or similar (make module free and you collect a bit on the merchant fee), or using Stripe and let them do the heavy lifting and charge for this module as a Pro feature. This is my biggest problem, accept>invoice>online payment. No one is doing it. Email me if you do, I'm in> taja[at]
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@tjwise_ couldn't agree more with your insight
@craig_keeling @tjwise_ (we replied to TJ by email but posting the gist here as well) Accept/E-signature is a big one for us and will be there before the end of the beta. Payment is an interesting one as well and we will look into that but it might not make the initial release as the dev pipeline is already quite crowded
Thanks for posting it Kevin! Proppy is still in beta and the landing page is being redesigned as we speak so don't get scared by the current temporary one. We detailed a bit why we ended up creating Proppy in a blog post ( In short, we are a tech agency that wanted an easy way to write proposals and avoid the PDFs proposals "ping-pong". Proppy is shaped by the feedback we get, so I hope you can sign up and send feedback so we can improve it!
@proppyio hahahahaga thought you meant wedding proposal!!
@jonasalmut I guess you could send a wedding proposal through Proppy but I don't think it would be very romantic ;)
@proppyio @jonasalmut Make it romantic, there is a bigger B2C Market !
I use quoting software for one of my other projects, and I have tried all of them (quoteroller, bidsketch, niftyquote to name a few single function apps and 17hats for a full management app. I settled with Quotient App (rather robust) which is more of a quote making app and less a proposal app. Regardless, none of them (except 17hats) offers a quote>invoice>online Pay option. Dear Proppy, add an accept proposal button which automatically creates an invoice that integrates with stripe for online payment and you will rock this space. Sincerely, Taja
@tjwise_ That is great & useful feedback, thank you! We honestly hadn't considered that use case but it's a great idea. I'll discuss with Vincent how we can fit that in. I'm kinda excited by the idea!
This is awesome. I just submitted a proposal to a client. YOU ROCK!
@nathanwindsor Amazing! Let us know if you have any feedback so we can make it even better
I am sure you are coming up with a "How it works" video, I understand that you are working on redesigning the home page.
@giri you're reading our minds! A video is definitely coming, stay tuned