Life is short. Don't waste time Invoicing



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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Invoice generation/management etc seems to be pretty crowded right now - what makes properinvoice stand out above the rest as the 'must-have' tool?
RussellMaker@russellgodinho · Founder, ProperInvoice and Hie
@bentossell agreed, this space is crowded at the moment. ProperInvoice should stand out as it is a simple yet powerful application. Most invoicing applications are fairly complex and it takes a good bit of learning to get familiar with them. We are hoping that users love our product as it enables them to Invoice, Quote, Expense and collect Payments while avoiding the pitfalls of mini ERP like applications. We have ensured that we stick to Core features only.
jeremy carson
jeremy carson@thejeremycarson · Data-Driven Creative
@bentossell's like a new one pops up here every day.
RussellMaker@russellgodinho · Founder, ProperInvoice and Hie
@thejeremycarson @bentossell He He He. All those other apps are a pain for us as well ;)
RussellMaker@russellgodinho · Founder, ProperInvoice and Hie
Hello Product Hunters, Life is Short, Don't waste time Invoicing. Focus on Growing your Business. ProperInvoice is a simple and easy to use App that helps Freelancers, Startups and Small Businesses invoice, quote, expense, accept payments and also monitor key financial metrics online and in realtime. ProperInvoice Features: 1. Invoice Online 2. Quote Online 3. Track Expenses Online 4. Accept Online Payments 5. Manage Suppliers, Customers, Your Products and Services 6. Monitor Key Financial Metrics of your business in Realtime 7. Get Notified when Invoices are Viewed or Paid 8. Allow your customers to Accept or Decline quotes online 9. Automatically remind customers of Pending & Overdue Invoices 10. Create and Send Recurring Invoices 11. Automatically record Recurring Expenses 12. Allow multiple team members to Invoice, Quote and Expense You can get started on ProperInvoice using a Free account. Upgrade only if you feel like. Also we are offering 30% OFF to all Product Hunters using the code PH30. PS: I am the creator of ProperInvoice. Feel free to gimme a shout incase you have any questions.
Bill Mitchell
Bill Mitchell@bwm748 · Director, GarageSeeds
@russellgodinho your site says the PH30 code is invalid
RussellMaker@russellgodinho · Founder, ProperInvoice and Hie
@bwm748 Hi Bill, I just checked and I am able to use the code. Email me a screenshot of the error that you are getting at and I will have this sorted ASAP. Thanks, Russell
Vlad Korobov
Vlad Korobov@vladkorobov · Product Manager
Guys if you are the newest service for invoice you should create comparison table for all invoice services :) Than is how you can stand out.
RussellMaker@russellgodinho · Founder, ProperInvoice and Hie
@vladkorobov Thank you for the feedback. Will add this to our list of To Do's. :)
Brad Clark
Brad Clark@bradclarkuk · Owner of Dujio Tech Support
It just doesn't cut it in my opinion. I've tried em all. Settled on wave app which is completely free and does an awesome job of using OCR for receipt entry for expenses. This app seems really poorly designed from a visuals perspective and the branding is just too much, for a paid service I would expect a white label option at the very least.
RussellMaker@russellgodinho · Founder, ProperInvoice and Hie
@bradclarkuk thanks for the feedback Brad. This is the first version of the app. We hope to polish the look and feel of the app in subsequent releases. Not sure why you thought that the branding was a bit too much as in most communications that are sent out to the end clients we display the users company details. Would love to get detailed feedback from you so that we can make this app better. If you would be interested in helping us then please send me a mail at thanks.
Pratik Sagar Mishra
Pratik Sagar MishraHiring@psmishra · Marketing | Products | SaaS
Can this manage workflows as well?