Proper iPhone 7 Case

Thin, durable, flat-back case for your iPhone 7

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Lasse Rafn@lasserafn · Developer and creator
That logo though 😖 .. sorry, that's a no-go.
Richard Goodwin@rgoodwin · Product Manager, Unrepentant Nerd
@lasserafn As a magnetic mount user, I like that they incorporated it right in. The giant X and logo could be a bit more understated though... Edit: On more browsing now I see it's clearly designed to work with their own magnetic mounts, so Hunting it as a generic case is probably not doing it justice.
Alon TamirMaker@atamir · Director, Studio Proper
@rgoodwin @lasserafn Thanks for checking out the Proper case for iPhone 7! Our cases are part of an ecosystem of 'M Lock' cases and accessories, based on our proprietary magnetic mount system. We work hard to create cases that are thin, light and protective, but also do so much more when paired with our accessories.
Lasse Rafn@lasserafn · Developer and creator
@atamir it's cool, I agree... however design-wise, the huge logo does not do it for me, I'd hit buy if it was just a case. Again, I like the idea, and if I used a magnetic mount, I'd likely buy it :-)
Alon TamirMaker@atamir · Director, Studio Proper
@lasserafn more than a logo, it's the interface to Proper magnetic accessories, and ensures that the iPhone is always perfectly aligned when mounted.
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@atamir the logo is a massive turn-off, as it looks ugly. Check the peel case, which was trending at #1 yesterday. A big selling point for Peel is that they don't put their logo on it
Jake Mor@jakemor · Cofounder, CTO at MajorityRules
I like how it says when someone purchased something on the website. Cool idea.
Alon TamirMaker@atamir · Director, Studio Proper
@jakemor thanks Jake! The online version of Social Proof.
Evan Kimbrell@evankimbrell · Founder, Sprintkick
@atamir @jakemor What plugin did you use for that effect? This was just recently on ProductHunt:
Alon TamirMaker@atamir · Director, Studio Proper
@evankimbrell it's a @shopify plugin called Notify.
Browsed the website, I don't know if anyone noticed but there is a notification that appears when a person purchases a product on the left bottom.. It seems they sell a product every 6 seconds.. Seems dubious.
Zac Davies@zacdavies · Customer Success Manager @ Mentorloop
Looking good @atamir!
Alon TamirMaker@atamir · Director, Studio Proper
@zacdavies thanks Zac!
Christopher Bennison@christopher_bennison
More colour options please. One solid colour so the x mount doesn't stand out so much.
Alon TamirMaker@atamir · Director, Studio Proper
@christopher_bennison yes, all planned for future releases. Which colours would you favour?
Christopher Bennison@cbennison · Director + Editor
@atamir I'm used to my 6s lite case so dark grey or black