The powerful CRM that lets you sell from Gmail

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Looks pretty slick. What are the primary differentiators from all the other CRM's out there? Seems like a lot of them are coming out with features to use directly from your mail client. In the market right now
@benmackinnon Thanks Ben! Yes, so many competitors... One of the big reasons people choose us over some of the others is our support for multi-step email campaigns. Great for cold emails and also for getting a conversation started with inbound leads.
@ericbouck @benmackinnon Agreed! That's the main reason I use Propeller, and love it! :) Those automated drip e-mail campaigns do magic when it comes to easing the pain of the sales process.
Thanks for the hunt @kwdinc! Our mission is to build a CRM that salespeople actually want to use. Obviously there are ton of legacy competitors out there, but they are focused on managing sales, not making sales. If you break down the basic activities of selling, it looks something like: sending email, making phone calls having meetings, giving presentations, and doing research. Lots of tools have cropped up to support all these activities. Too many, in our view. It ends up being really complicated and expensive to try to get them to work together. Our approach is to provide an all-in-one solution that makes it much easier to get sales work done and have the all the tracking happen as a natural by-product. We've been working on this for a while now, so it's exciting to finally be here on Product Hunt! I'm happy to answer any questions you have!
@ericbouck congrats on the launch! It looks really powerful.
Congrats @ericbouck for getting on product hunt. I've been using Proppeller CRM for a couple of months and love it. It's helped me track sales for my SaaS products and I'm launching a BETA for ActionWins next week and have been able to keep track of all the different companies who signed up. The chrome extension is awesome because it allows me to add new contacts, accounts, and create opportunities right from Gmail. My favorite feature is that it alerts me when my prospect opens an email or clicks a link. This helps me determine the likely hood that they'll convert to a paying customer.
Congrats on the launch Eric! Women Who Code has been a beta customer for about a year and are big fans.
Cool to see this on here. I've been using propeller for a couple years now. We actually got off of SFDC in favor of it. Propeller wins on ease of use, feature set, support and price. I was a longtime SFDC user going back to its early days and felt they were intentionally obfuscating how to set things up so that you had to hire a consultant to make it work. Thereby increasing your investment and commitment to their platform. How else can you explain all the limitations on SFDC? By contrast you can pretty much report on anything you like I'm propeller and setup dashboards in an intuitive way. No outside support needed. Nice work with propeller Eric!