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Toby OlshanetskyMaker@tobyol · CEO & cofounder of prooV
Hello everyone 👋 Really excited to be here on Product Hunt today launching prooV 2.0 (! When I started my past companies, a grand PH launch wasn’t yet a thing. So, when it came time for 2.0, I knew we were going to go big. After all, our platform is built for startups/ software vendors and enterprises… there couldn’t be a better match with this community of creative thinkers and innovators. After my cofounder and I both suffered major pains while trying to get enterprises to test our solutions, we joined forces and set up to revolutionize the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) process. Ask any startup founder how they discover PoC opportunities with major enterprises and you’ll quickly learn that the process is down right bad. And enterprises? Well, they don’t have it much better. They don’t know how to find the innovation that will be the solution to their problem let alone test it and move forward with the startup or software vendor, if the PoC was successful. A Proof-of-Concept is a prerequisite for any B2B deal, and yet the process is sub par. I mean, below sub par. We’ve created a solution that aims to boost innovation and technology adoption by streamlining the currently tedious and inefficient PoC process. prooV’s all encompassing PoC ecosystem addresses every PoC phase and need, for all parties involved: Startups/ ISVs and enterprise users can Discover PoC and innovation opportunities, Connect to relevant companies, Test solutions on dedicated, suitable, and secure environments, Evaluate PoC results using our smart dashboard and Advance towards possible future implementation post PoC. It’s that easy. I’m excited to see what the PH community thinks and to hear your feedback and comments!
Hillel Fuld@hilzfuld · Blogger/Vlogger, Co-Founder @ZCastApp
@tobyol love working with you and I know how much went into this release. Super exciting times to see it here featured on PH. Really excited to see what the community does with it. One question for you: What's the biggest lesson you've learned about the difference between the way startups operate vs enterprises? Curious. Thanks.
Toby OlshanetskyMaker@tobyol · CEO & cofounder of prooV
@hilzfuld Hey Hillel! First of all, great working with you. We love your energy. I would say that the biggest difference is the approach. Startups have the technology and enterprises want it, just with the enterprise, the funnel is a bit bigger and the process is longer - but, we're changing that.
Hillel Fuld@hilzfuld · Blogger/Vlogger, Co-Founder @ZCastApp
@tobyol awesome. Honestly an honor to work with you and the kick a$$ team you built!! Keep rockin!! 🙏🙏👏👊🤛
Liel BariMaker@liel_bari · Marketing Director, prooV
@hilzfuld @tobyol Completely agree! Likewise Hillel!
Joel Burke@joel_burke
@tobyol Brilliant, looking forward to trying it out!
Ryan Abrams@ryabrams · Director of Marketing @ InfiniGrow
Great work on the launch guys and congrats. Whats the full story of prooV? Its a great idea, I just wanted to know how it all came about.
Toby OlshanetskyMaker@tobyol · CEO & cofounder of prooV
@ryabrams Thank you so much. Since you asked for it :) Alexey, my co-founder, and myself had experienced the many pains of running PoCs throughout our years as entrepreneurs. All our startups revolved around enterprise solutions and we witnessed first-hand the struggles both sides experience when wanting to push forward innovation. We finally decided to come up with a solution to address these issues and basically innovate the innovation process. That's prooV!
Shahar Matorin@shahar_matorin · Startup Grind
Good luck guys !! I know how much efforts you put here, It is great to work close to you and to share your values with entrepreneurs and innovation guys in any corporate who want to open doors for innovation !!!
Toby OlshanetskyMaker@tobyol · CEO & cofounder of prooV
@shahar_matorin Thanks man. That's the aim - to boost innovation adoption by making it much easier for major enterprises and startups and independent software vendors to connect and run PoCs
Shahar Matorin@shahar_matorin · Startup Grind
@tobyol It will be great to see you share your product values with 5,000 entrepreneurs and top founders, CEO's and investors in our Startup Grind Global Conference 2017 !!! Good luck !
Toby OlshanetskyMaker@tobyol · CEO & cofounder of prooV
@shahar_matorin We're super excited for the conference! I'm looking forward to speaking about bridging the enterprise startup divide.
Ariel Assaraf@arielassaraf · Co-founder & CPO - Coralogix
Amazing team and awesome product !
Toby OlshanetskyMaker@tobyol · CEO & cofounder of prooV
@arielassaraf Thanks a bunch! Really appreciate the support.
Uri Eliabayev@urieli17 · Foundr, AutoHash
Looks amazing! Keep that hard work guys :)
Toby OlshanetskyMaker@tobyol · CEO & cofounder of prooV
@urieli17 Thanks Uri. We definitely plan on it!