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I thought this was a really cool idea. If we can begin to verify when a photo was created, we can start to trust certain images a bit more. From their announcement blog post: "As we all know, the Internet is a place where lots of fake pictures circulate, so you sometimes raise suspicions even if your photos are real – it’s not you, the whole Internet has a trust problem. We created Proofy so you can once and for all convince those around you that your stories are true and your photos are genuine. "Proofy is a free app for iOS and Android smartphones that verifies user’s photos and proves the exact time when a picture was taken. Verifying a picture with Proofy is easy - users just need to install the app, snap a picture with it and wait a few seconds for the photo to pass the verification process."
What happens if I take a photo of another photo with Proofy?
@johannbenedikt hey that's a very good question and of course we thought a lot about it. For now I cannot say that we have a 100% working method for detecting such situations. We have made a lot of tests and we have some ideas on how to remedy this. One of them is video recording. There are others, but it's still a bit early. We are serious with our products and if there is a demand, we will surely find a way to do it :)
Interesting idea but how long before someone starts Photoshopping the 'proven' version?
@sarthakgrover Proofy dev here. You can't 'shop the proven version, because it's not just a picture - it's a web page. The picture itself doesn't prove anything, but when it's on (e.g., then it's guaranteed to have come from our app, shot directly with the camera on the exact date and time shown and without any modifications to the raw camera file.
@jacketbg Aha, good to know that. What kind of use cases do you expect people to be using Proofy? I can see Legal matters as one of the things. How do you plan to compete with becoming the Primary camera app (unless that is not the goal and to expect users to remember to use Proofy when they actually need it). Is geo-location also included in the verification?
@sarthakgrover We are not aiming at replacing the native camera apps, because they will always have the edge of being instantly accessible, have filters, more gallery features, etc. We want people to use it when they want to prove that something happened at the exact time they are claiming. Be it a simple challenge, a crime, a war act (you know, this last one is a hot topic in some countries). You might also prove documents and one day we hope that it can serve even in court. As for the location, we are showing it (if turned on), but we don't verify it, because as of now we don't have an accurate enough method for verification. This is planned too for the future. For now, we can guarantee the exact date and time (with a few seconds accuracy), which for most use cases should be more than enough.
@jacketbg Cool, I can also see this being part of some 'gamification' / scavenger hunts etc. Cheers!
@sarthakgrover The more the merrier. Cheers!