ProofMe for Canva

Easy review meets easy design.


Paul Knittel
@xyz_paul · Growth @Canva
This is really cool 🎉. Great to see tools integrating with Canva 😊
Aleksey Gurtovoy
@agurtovoy · Engineer, hacktivist, author & more
Add easy review to easy design! Canva democratizes graphic design by making it easy for anyone to create great digital content. ProofMe democratizes content review and collaboration by making it easy for anyone to get feedback on and refine their digital work. Like Canva, ProofMe is free to use as long as you want — with an unlimited number of reviewers. U… See more
Andrzej Jarecki
@andrzejjarecki · Designer @ProofMe
Hello! We're launching 'ProofMe for Canva' today. This a powerful chrome extension that allows you to easily convert your Canva designs into proofs that you can share with anyone that needs to review your work.
@candidman · CEO, DMC
Great apps integrated! :D