Review collaboration and approval tool for creative teams

ProofCafe is an online proofing & review collaboration tool that allows creative teams to work together, gather quality feedback in real time. Clients can share precise review comments directly on the image, pdf, audio or video files and approve it.

ProofCafe = Lesser rework & faster approval

What makes ProofCafe stand out from similar products? What were the features you felt missing in the marketplace that you've included in it? @dhan
Thank you @Chrismessina for hunting ProofCafe. I am co-creator of ProofCafe. After running ProofCafe beta for past five months that saw users from US, EU, Australia, South American countries and India among others, signing up for beta and helped us with their feedback to make ProofCafe more useful. TY! Today I am thrilled to introduce ProofCafe for PH community. How ProofCafe will make life easier for designer 1. Simply share creative content with team, client 2. Invite reviewers and approvers to provide review comments 3. Clients can mark their review comment right on top of the image, pdf, video 4. Upload multiple versions of your creative work 5. Clients will always be referring to latest copy of the work, avoiding any confusion 6. Clients can compare two different versions side-by-side and highlight differences Basically you don't have to do the frustrating search through emails, spreadsheet, meeting details or attachments to get feedback/approval for your creative work. ProofCafe gives you one place for upload, share, review comment and approval. How is it different? It is simple to use, no learning curve. Even the workflow to get reviews, approvals from different department is pretty simple. Clients do not require separate login to view/review/approve your artwork. What's next? We plan to integrate ProofCafe with Adobe CC, support additional file types, integration with youtube, vimeo, dropbox, slack and other tools that designers use frequently. You can get a free trial account here Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, questions and feedback!