Proof Of Time Travel

Using blockchain to prove time travel

Proof Of Time Travel is the use of blockchain to prove time travel.

Know anyone claiming to be a time traveller? Have them prove it!

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I'm from the future. There's no blockchain there. But have fun investing while you can!
This is just like asking a time travleler to prove by correctly announcing a future winning lottery ticket number.
@chiancheng correct, but this is utilizing blockchain technology. Which has the added benefit of anonymity and cryptographic proof.
@chiancheng Well, the probability of correctly guessing the lottery is about 1 in 300 million (using powerball as an example). The odds of correctly guessing a hash for some future block is much lower. It's not just about guessing the hash for some arbitrary block right now (which is unlikely but that's what mining is essentially — guessing until you find a hash that fulfills a requirement), but one in the (near) future. Just one tiny difference somewhere along the way would probably completely change the hash for that specific block since each block includes information from the one before it.
Please explain in more details.
@ullasorensen Using the blockchain a time-traveller can prove he has been to the future by entering a future block number and block hash (this is like publishing tomorrow's winning lottery numbers, either extremely lucky or he actually time-travelled). If the prediction is correct the time-traveller wins the ever-growing pot of ETH in the smart contract.
Little late to this and not sure how much it's a joke but you should really link it up to some kind of data source so that people from the future can feasibly transmit data to us even if they can't travel themselves.