Increase website conversions with live social proof

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by Amrith Shanbhag (Head of Social at Product Hunt)

Increase your website conversions with social proof. Proof helps you identify and convert more customers on your website. How? By displaying verified recent customer activity notifications.

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How do you handle privacy concerns ?
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@pbriod Thats a great question and something we take seriously. We are actually rolling back one of our features that allows you to display (publicly available) user avatars because we've found it to be too revealing and prefer tools that protect personally identifiable information while still helping businesses instill trust and transparency.
Have you published case studies with the results of a site with proof vs. without? Would love to see how much of an increase in conversion is expected, if any.
@markpecota Great question Mark. We do have some case studies here, but we're still working on it. More to come on this soon πŸ‘
Very nice concept! Is it only notifications based or has got call-to-actions as well?
@sefinciuc Thanks Sergiu! We just recently released a product called "Conversion Cards" which have call-to-actions πŸ‘
Looks really great !! Hope there is an WordPress plugin to support it
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Not yet, but we do work with wordpress πŸ‘ Just drop the embed pixel in your header.