Chill any beverage in 30 seconds

ProntoBev chills your beverages in under 30 seconds by pouring it into the canister, letting it speed cool, and then pouring it from the spout.

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I hate the design it looks like a gas can with "ProntoBev" slapped on the side. Hopefully it works better than it looks
What does this do differently that can't be done with a cocktail shaker and some ice?
@vinhhh Ice would water down what you're drinking. Overly aerating can change things as well
They say "For whiskey, vodka and spirits". But I don't get it. Are you supposed to pour the entire bottle into "ProtoBev", let it chill and then pour it back into the bottle? Seems like a bit of a reach.
@joshuapinter I watched the video yesterday and you're right. You have to pour the beverage into Protobev and then pour it out.
There's a spinner that does the same.
Aren't there bottles/etc that can do this, where you freeze the bottle, pour the beverage in, and the beverage is cold without being watered down? This seems like an incredibly expensive way to do that. Is the benefit of this the volume you're able to cool quickly?