Battery pack, re-charges your iPhone in 5 minutes (preorder)

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This is cool but it's all in the words! (kinda misleading) This thing doesn't fully charge your iPhone in 5 minutes. But if you charge the Pronto battery for 5 minutes it has enough battery to charge an iPhone (get it?). So your iPhone doesn't charge in 5 minutes, the Pronto does.
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@bramk Are you just referring to the PH description above? I don't think anyone would confuse this for an iPhone charging in 5 mins (if so, I have a great microwave to sell you). The Kickstarter site is not misleading at all. If my Mophie charged in 5 mins, I'd be on cloud 9. Can't wait for this to come. Also check out
@omarqari I agree with @bramk, the PH title was misleading!
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@omarqari I confused it with that. After readings @bramk's comment I get it though.
@bramk I actually was confused, as I thought it could charge your iPhone in 5 mins from the Kickstarter.
@bramk Completely agree. I'm really hating these types of Kickstarters because it's just building an aura of distrust with pre launch products.
Finally, someone has figured out how to fold the space/time continuum in regards to batteries. This solves a major problem! It's always kind of a race against time with various batteries and what not. Awesome. I'm in.
@bramk we tried really hard not to be misleading and I hope we are clear that the Pronto can store enough power in 5 minutes to recharge an iPhone. This is a killer battery that I can't wait to use myself.
@caleblight thanks for answering! Still awesome you can get a full charge on an external battery in 5 minutes :) How much time does it actually take to charge an iPhone to 100% from 1%-10% ?
@bramk Charge times will be as quickly as the device can allow. The Pronto comes with a smart charge chip that identifies the devices and provides max power. USB ports have a 2.4 A output.
It's a shame that the PH title here is misleading, because this is a fantastic product. I have to leave my Anker battery on the outlet for more than an hour to get 1 charge out of it. No idea how they were able to pull off storing a full charge in 5 minutes. A better title would have been "Charge battery pack for 5 minutes = 1 full iPhone charge". Clumsier but more understandable.
@markbao Custom circuitry and really high end Lithium cells. Anker and other portable battery manufacturers are trying to achieve highest capacity for lowest cost, which results in lower quality components.
@bramk evil marketing, eh?