Pronounce Names

How to correctly pronounce people's names

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Numerous times I've Googled, "how to pronounce _____" before meeting someone IRL. Bookmarking this tool.
@rrhoover same here. Recently had a call coming up with a guy from Ireland. Didn't know what to expect with his name so to avoid embarrassment I googled the pronunciation.
Bellevue = Bell-view? Okay it is a nice idea BUT this is SO totally wrong. For pronunciation you should always use the phonetics alphabet IPA and never do pseudo-pronunciation with words that actually don't fit.
@wohfab sorry for self promotion, but needed to plug in as it solved that problem by letting people record the pronunciation :)
As someone whose last name is impossible to correctly pronounce, thank you!
@soerenes then you might also be interested in checking out (disclaimer: I made it)
It's tricky.. Sometimes the same name is pronounced different in different countries. Like Houston in Texas is pronounced "you-stenn", but in New York the street Houston is pronounced "house-tenn".
@adamstark a shameless self promotion, but to solve that problem I have developed a free and open source service called Say it like me, by which each individual records the pronunciation of his / her name, and gets unique link to it! The link is based on that person's twitter id, so if you know someone's twitter id, you can know exactly how that person likes the name to be pronounced! Please check
This was designed for the Wojciech's and Srivenkateswarao's of the world.