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Hi everyone. I'm the CEO of Prompt. We are building the command line interface for the real world. You can send short text commands via SMS/Slack/etc to access services, make purchases and control IoT devices. Prompt is an open platform with tools for third party developers to build commands. Just send a text 650-666-2299 to get started!
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@tomhadfield This is very cool. Great product. πŸ™πŸ»
@tomhadfield 666 ... Prompt is the evil within :)
I'm curious what they mean by "real world"... I'd expect to be able to text things in real life, like a phone telephone poll or goldfish tank and get a response.
@chrismessina If your goldfish tank has an API, then there will be a Prompt command! We've got thousands of commands in the pipeline. You'll be able to send "@nest +5" to change the temperature on your thermostat, or "@rachio on" to turn on your sprinkers, or "@philipshue off" to turn off your lightbulbs. In addition to IoT device control, we're also working on building Prompt commands for commerce - like "@drizly 12 heineken" to get beer on-demand, or "@dominos large hawaiian" to get a pizza delivered. There's an entire ecosystem to be built. Our vision is to be the first platform with one million bots.
@chrismessina My initial guess was IoT. I can't wait for my friend to show me how to make my plants tweet when they need to be watered. :)
@willkernforfood @chrismessina If you buy one of these http://www.parrot.com/usa/produc... then we'd be happy to build a @parrot command for you on Prompt!
@willkernforfood @chrismessina Rachel, I can't wait for my plants to be left alone instead :)
@tomhadfield @chrismessina @nest @rachio @philipshue @drizly @dominos Seems great at first glance, but could be too much effort having to remember all the different command lines and defining services to work seamlessly, but wish you all the best.
Oh no 😣 No GIFs?? 😟
Same premise as Peach with their magic words...and slack with their commands I think this type of communication is getting bigger and bigger - just @ something Mentioned recently in Story in a Bottle Podcast episode Chris talks about how people think this type of communication is new but it's actually an old way of communicating, now becoming more prevalent in our day to day.
@bentossell and before all those: programming languages with their keywords.
@thomasmeagher yeah thats what chris mentions in the podcast :)
Hello Chris! Can you explain me with which phone numbers service works?
@dxripunov 650-666-2299?
@chrismessina at first time i don't understand this project, but now i think this is cool idea)