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Get guaranteed press coverage for your startup

Promotehour 3.0 helps you get guaranteed organic press coverage in prominent media outlets.

Its Coverage plans come with a money-back guarantee, and a lifetime free access to a curated database of over 10000+ tech journalists via its app:

It also helps you in creating online presence across 100+ startup directories.

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TLDR: We have launched better and more valuable Submission and Coverage plans. Coverage plans come with organic press coverage guarantee + Lifetime access to our media database app: Jona. We moved Free list of Startup directories to & Free list of Media outlets to PH exclusive offer: For the next 24hrs, 20 startups get Submission plan for free if they signup for the Coverage PRO or GRAND plan. Longer Version: 3 Years ago we started Promotehour with a free list of startup directories. Eventually, the list of startup directories made a way for the bigger list of 1100+ media outlets. Both lists have been used by over 300,000 entrepreneurs and marketers till now. Our paid plans which were our sole medium to earn bread and butter remained on the backstage driving 4 digit revenue month on month. After a lot of experiments with deliverables and pricing, we are happy to re-introduce them to the ProductHunt community. 1. We have brought back the Submission plan to help you create a presence on startup directories. 2. Our Press coverage plans are now more valuable than ever. Our middle plan which costs $399 offers: a. Guaranteed organic press coverage: We will get your startup organic press coverage in a prominent media outlets with a domain authority of 60+. b.50% Money back guarantee: We will refund 50% of the money if we don't deliver a coverage despite multiple rounds of outreach. c. Lifetime access to our media database app: You get lifetime access to our media database (10k journalists & growing) app where you can find relevant journalists as per beats or media database. Why only 50% money-back guarantee? PR is inherently high-reward, high-risk marketing channel. With our coverage plans, there is a 50% chance startup won't get a press coverage but that shouldn't stop anyone from trying. We are trying to hit middle-ground with 50% money back guarantee. If you don't get a press coverage, you pay a nominal fee for our efforts as well as lifetime access to our app. And we can keep offering the service without going down :) PH exclusive offer: For the next 24-hrs, 20 startups can get the Submission plan for free if they signup for the Coverage PRO or GRAND plan on first come, first serve basis. Will be more than happy to answer any questions, criticism, and praise!
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@jitsalunke Given journos have autonomy how can you guarantee organic coverage? What if my product is extremely banal and not newsworthy at all...
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@abadesi Thanks Abadesi for taking time out to check the service. It does happen that the product is not newsworthy at all but there is always a room to get press by trying diff. things like Guest post, pitching to local journos or bloggers. E.g. Web dev agencies won't get a press coverage but they definitely stand a chance if they have some interesting insights to share. All said and done, there is 50% chance startup won't get a press coverage he is looking for. But that shouldn't stop anyone from trying. That's why we have 50% money back guarantee.
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@jitsalunke hey just submitted via your site. Will talk soon I guess
@rizzisam That's awesome Sam! Will write to you shortly :)
@jitsalunke Awesome opportunity for non-English start-ups to gain exposure in media that are hard to reach. We would love to be considered for your exclusive offer for
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I have been using their services for the last 1 year. They really did a great job for my startup. 100+ websites shared about my startup. I got traffic, customer, and fund.


I got huge media coverage for my startup.


No Cons

We've received great coverage!


Proactive, easy to work with and very focused on getting good results.


Nothing to say here.