Promotehour 2.0

Free list of 1100+ media outlets to pitch your startup

Finding relevant media outlets and their contact info to pitch your startup is a time consuming job.

PR agencies charge a huge premium for it.

Promotehour offers a FREE list of 1100+ top Tech media outlets with contact info, so you can pitch your startup to the relevant media outlets.

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21 Reviews3.8/5

Love the new UI much nicer for mobile.


It's clear, simple & honest. Keep growing.


Some of the great sources common elsewhere are missed off.

Huge fan of PromoteHour You guys do a great job with making outreach easier Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr Thanks Deandre. We will keep creating new stuff :)
This is a useful resource. Thanks. Is the new thing (i.e. V2) the PR Kit? or am I missing something?
@ebrahimkhalil Thanks mate! The free list is the new version. The PR Kit is just open for Pre-orders now :)
@ebrahimkhalil Thanks mate!
I really like the simple layout and easy to reach information. As a quick feedback: 1) Rather than having direct email links, how about a modal that provides more information along with email address. This will give you a better indication of which websites people are interested in. 2) Your done for you page is 404.
@orask Thanks Oras for the feedback. Will definitely keep that in mind. And thanks for pointing error. It should point to:
Hey Guys, We are thrilled to launch Promotehour 2.0 : A FREE List of 1100+ Media Outlets to Pitch Your Startup. The previous version, which was featured here on PH 2 years ago, had a list of 150+ Startup Directories. Finding relevant media outlets and their contact info is a painful task. PR agencies charge a huge premium for it. We wanted to make it easier for Entrepreneurs. You will find almost all the top tech media outlets with their email/contact form link where they usually want you to send the pitch. Though the list is very useful to tell every relevant media outlet about the awesome startup you are building, it can't replace the personal engagement and outreach you should be doing to reach most relevant journalists. And if you love this list, you will love our Startup PR Kit too! Open for Pre-orders (200 Only): Thanks a ton @kwdinc for hunting!