Promotehour 2.0

Free list of 1100+ media outlets to pitch your startup

Finding relevant media outlets and their contact info to pitch your startup is a time consuming job.

PR agencies charge a huge premium for it.

Promotehour offers a FREE list of 1100+ top Tech media outlets with contact info, so you can pitch your startup to the relevant media outlets.

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Jit and his team helped Sundots get some great press very quickly. They are responsive, care to represent clients' brands accurately, and are easy to collaborate with.


RESULTS!, great communication, transparent pricing, they clearly hustle and care about clients' success


Could be a little faster to hand over contacts who express interest

Great results.
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I've used Promotehour for a few of our Kickstarter launches, most recently for the Keystone Mechanical Keyboard - It was a great experience, they got us a ton of coverage and were very clear to communicate the entire time. Would recommend and would use again.
The Promotehour team is a very dedicated and efficient team that will do their best to get a good exposure of your PR campaign. They worked for two months with our `Done for you` campaign. They collaborated perfectly with us, wrote multiple PRs, and run campaigns with different angles till achieving great results. If you don't want to do the PR on your own, I highly recommend Jit and the team.

Love the new UI much nicer for mobile.


It's clear, simple & honest. Keep growing.


Some of the great sources common elsewhere are missed off.