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I actually used the $299 coverage plan for my wearables company Opter (opterlife.com) and had a pretty good experience. Our Google search rankings went up a lot after all the submissions (they were a little repetitive, but I didn't really expect 50 unique submissions). The professional email pitch must have been good, since we saw an excellent response from journalists. We got sample requests from NBC News, Mental Floss, The Guardian, and The Evening Standard. The only thing I would recommend is that you definitely stay on top of things and make sure you get everything you paid for. Jit and Mona are really nice people, so you're in good hands.
It's a good list of the places to promote your startup. Serves as a good reminder. Especially found the reach/size useful to know.
@dotcomdude So glad you liked it Andy!
Thanks a lot @emieljanson and @hiddevdploeg for getting Promotehour on Producthunt. We are trying to create a coolest list on earth to help early stage startups promote themselves and honestly we have lot to cover :-) So, do share your feedback or suggestions!
Thanks for the love Product Hunters. Right now we have list of close to 130 communities where founders can consider submitting their startups. Still working on to make it complete. We keep updating it to add new ones and weed out inactive ones. Here are few things we plan to do in future: 1. List of bloggers, online media who are in to writing on Startups 2. Add metrics like 'Visitors the site can bring (with real life examples)', Alexa rank, Google page rank. Most of the sites give do-follow links, so that helps too. 3. Ability to sort the list as per B2B, B2C & startup stage. Also, good no. of communities have premium options which are worth the price. So, we are working on a offering - sort of a package deal -where we can bring ton of targeted audience to startups by working with all those communities. Hope all this will help you guys in promoting your startups.
@soundankar is the maker of this :) I also think this is a really nice bookmark that could come in handy when launching a product.
@hiddevdploeg Thanks for sharing :)