Beautiful animated display graphics in an instant

#4 Product of the DayOctober 26, 2017

Promote! is Beautiful animated display graphics in an instant.

Easily add your messages, logos and photos and Promote will design and animate your show. Simple!

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Hello Product Hunters! Promote! is a super quick, really easy to use way of creating real motion graphics for the screens inside all kinds of places - like shops, bars, gyms, even hospitals! Anywhere with a customer facing screen with a connection to even the most basic of computers. Feel free to give it a try right now! It's free to try, and I'll even give you some extra time to get to grips with it free of charge - just ask in the comments! I'd love to get some feedback from you guys before the proper launch, and I'm very happy to answer any questions you have about Promote! Stu :D
@stubles Hi, I created a video, how do I download it? :)
@stubles Oh, I'd like to be able to change the font size
@stubles and words don't break correctly at the edge of the screen
@vfdraganescu thanks for the feedback Vali, video downloads are coming soon and I’ll look into the word break issue :)
@stubles Is the idea that every business has a computer with a network connection hooked up to a TV? I made one but was expecting to be able to export it. Not usable if I need to wire a networked computer (even a rasp pi) up to a tv.

Does what is says on the tin. Good solution for those who want a bespoke motion graphic design on a budget.


Simple, easy, looked great


Non that I know about yet

Thanks for the great review Rebecca :D
Without a free plan, I dunno why do you guys even bother. There are so many things out there that do what you do. Come up with a free plan, even based on a number of animations. Good luck.
@808ml thanks! Could you give me some examples? Video downloads are coming soon, thanks for the feedback! :)
@stubles iMovie and some free backgrounds... (free example)
Awesome product! Great work and good luck with it :)

Easy to use and really attracts the customers eyes.


Simple interface, low cost