PromoRepublic 4.0

Social media marketing platform for agencies & freelancers

#5 Product of the WeekJanuary 23, 2019

PromoRepublic is a social media marketing platform. The new version for agencies and freelancers has collaboration tools in addition to 100,000 social media templates, automatic scheduling and so much more.

  • Overseas Students Australia
    Overseas Students AustraliaFounder of Overseas Students Australia

    Pretty much everything except the cons mentioned below :)


    Design of some posts are outdated. Also since i have been using it a while ago. Some post idea template needs a new update.

    I have been using this tool since last 1.5 years and can easily say that it is a big time saver especially with content ideas and ready to post posts itself.

    Overseas Students Australia has used this product for one year.
  • Prerna Malik
    Prerna MalikWallet-wooing copywriting services

    Easy to use, includes all the important platforms and has a ton of features that other tools charge an obscene amount of money.


    The library of ready-to-use images is quite dated and could do with more updates and fresher designs.

    Promo Republic quickly replaced all the tools we used to use for social media. It's great to see them constantly innovate and add new features, like the evergreen scheduler that allows you to rotate the same content without having to repost it.

    Prerna Malik has used this product for one year.
Hey everybody at Product Hunt! Our team is here to answer any questions about our social media marketing platform with collaboration tools for agencies & freelancers! PromoRepublic released a new version for agencies and freelancers that has collaboration tools in addition to 100,000 social media templates, automatic scheduling and so much more. This means you not only can create and schedule ahead your posts within minutes, but also save time on content suggestion, the approval processes and reporting. Collaboration features were requested by a lot by agencies and freelancer, so we added them! What’s included in Promorepublic 4.0? Our legendary Scheduling + Content tools: - Post Ideas Library with 100,000 social media templates and images - Automatic scheduling to all your social accounts - Graphics editor to customize any of templates or create your own - Multiple-photos & video posting Brand New Features: - Collaboration tools to run content approval, commenting and the entire revision processes - Time-slots with AI that choose the best posting times and post type depending on your industry and social page data - Reports containing advanced insights for you and optimal data for your clients (coming in February) - Social monitoring tool to respond to comments, reviews and mentions in time - Client workspaces with a limited interface for your clients - White-labeled version Instagram Direct Posting is ready, but waiting for approval from Facebook! P.S. If you know someone from Facebook, let them know we are waiting 😉
@paul_shuteyev Great product. I have a specific question for you. How did you apply the direct posting feature for Instagram? In the API docs, it said that you need to be a partner of Facebook to posting directly to Instagram. On the other hand, they freeze the partnership program. Thanks
Looks like a grand update, congrats guys!
@miruininson Thanks a lot Frank, this update includes a lot of brand new features and major tools indeed
Do you constantly work on adding more templates and social media content suggestions?
@solstid they do, they had around few thousand templates 2 years ago
@solstid We do! Our Post Ideas Library has grown from few thousand templates and post ideas to 100,000+. We constantly work on adding not only new content, but also new categories and industries.
@solstid yep, I believe around 1000 new templates are added each month.
@solstid @dylan_hey You are correct, yes!
Oh, cool to see PromoRepublic on PH again, wish you luck 😉
Congrats guys :-)
@danielkempe Thanks Daniel, glad to see support from the friendly Quuu :)
@paul_shuteyev I'm sure there is something we could do together...
@danielkempe Glad to hear that, Quuu and PR looks good together so we are always glad to partner 😉