Next Generation Record Label.

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Your presentation was amazing. How do I invest?
@seanrucker thank you for the enthusiastic message! Contact us founders[at]promolta[dot]com
Promolta is a next generation record label to help musicians get discovered.
This is huge. The team is amazing and they are providing a real solution to help aspiring musicians get noticed.
@OilcanGuitar Thanks for the support!
I have a super-talented friend Nanka Her songs & videos are amazing but she lacks audience. I'm sending her your way! Can connect you directly, if you want to work close with her.
@nikitakorotaev amazing! We'd love to help her! We help musicians from all genres and from all over the globe. I can be reached directly
This is awesome! What does the transition look like from the model today to that of the future?
@rcaucci Today, we are focused on 3 things: 1) video distribution 2) data collection and 3) entertainment for publishers. In the near future, we will do soundcloud distribution, give musicians more tools and possibly sign on artists.