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Promo Self Serve is marketing platform for small businesses.

From your mobile phone, launch a promotion to your website, email subscribers, and social media accounts.

Our tool replaces a website builder, email platform, and social media posting. We're the homebase for launching and managing an online promotion across the internet.

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Kenny Grant
Kenny GrantMaker@allbombs · Product lover, goal digger. YVR + SIN
Hi Everyone, Super happy to announce Promo Self Serve! Did you know that over 50% of small businesses still don't have a website. Even with beautiful platforms like shopify, square, and wix, it's still too difficult. Many business owners don't have time to create a website, manage email-marketing campaigns, and social media posting. It also starts to get pretty expensive paying for all of those different platforms. That's why we built Promo. A simple way for business owners to promote products and service online. Pick up your phone and blast a promotion across the internet. See stats and fulfill orders right from your mobile phone. If you have a physical location, we can include those details on your website and within your promotions. Here 's a few example promotion pages: http://store.cheeseburgeripsum.c... Find out more details by visiting our site - or posting your comments below! Thanks for checking it out!
Krishna De
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@allbombs Looks like a great too for small businesses - what do you see the reason they would use this rather than their Facebook Page which is what I see many do? Also I could not see any pricing detailed?
Kenny Grant
Kenny GrantMaker@allbombs · Product lover, goal digger. YVR + SIN
@krishnade Thanks for checking us out! Facebook is a social network. A small business should have social presence everywhere (including fb). We think it's important for a smb to have a dedicated website. Pointing your business cards or everyone to facebook (or any specific social network) is risky. Competitors can display facebook ads on your page, and users are one click away from leaving your business page to one of the many distracting links offered on FB. With Promo, we give you a website, and a way to promote products and services (including accepting payments). Giving a business owner the ability to create a promotion and push it everywhere within a few minutes. You can post promotions on facebook, but it's only available on FB. From the Promo app, you can push your promotions to multiple social networks, your email list, and paid distribution channels (coming soon -- such as ads, marketplaces, affiliate networks). Promo = website builder, social media posting, email newsletter platform, promotion engine, and distribution network. Re - Pricing We're offering a free trial for 3 months. Let me know if you have more comments or feedback! =)
Gillian Vrooman
Gillian Vrooman@gndv · President, OpenDataBC
Looks interesting. How could it help with customer engagement?
Kenny Grant
Kenny GrantMaker@allbombs · Product lover, goal digger. YVR + SIN
@gndv Promotions are a great way for businesses to re-engage with existing customers, or generate new business leads. Today we have 3 promotion types: For Sale, For Rent, and Announcements. Businesses can choose the best promotion for them, and how often they want to re-engage with customers. Many businesses with a physical location are looking for ways to quickly create content to their website, social media, and email newsletters. How would you define customer engagement? If you have a specific business type and vertical, I could maybe give a good use case and example of how to best use Promo Self Serve.
Dennis Moons
Dennis Moons@dennismoons · Store Growers
Look interesting! Is this meant as a platform to send out promotions? Or as the digital front for a physical business?
Kenny Grant
Kenny GrantMaker@allbombs · Product lover, goal digger. YVR + SIN
@dennismoons Great question. sorry for any confusion. Both types of businesses can use Promo Self Serve. If you have a physical location (storefront) or an online business, you can use Promo to manage your promotions. During the signup process, we'll ask you if you have a physical location, and if so, your address. If not, then no address will appear on your website or promotion details. Thanks for the question!
Simon Sturmer
Simon Sturmer@sstur · Founder and CTO KodeFox, Inc.
Those cheeseburger ipsum laptop stickers I grabbed from you are a huge hit! Need more. (Congrats on launch BTW!)
Kenny Grant
Kenny GrantMaker@allbombs · Product lover, goal digger. YVR + SIN
@sstur thanks for stopping by. Will send some more cheeseburgers and drop them off at the office next month?
David Battersby
David Battersby@davidbattersby · Co-Founder @
Excited to try this out!
Kenny Grant
Kenny GrantMaker@allbombs · Product lover, goal digger. YVR + SIN
@davidbattersby please let us know your feedback or questions =)