Smash your writing goals one step at a time

Prolifiko is a digital productivity coach for writing. We built it for people who want to write but can’t find the time or struggle with procrastination and overwhelm. Based in neuroscience, Prolifiko makes your writing goal faster and easier to achieve by breaking it down into small steps and by helping you reflect and learn about your practice.

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12 Reviews5.0/5

This is such a good idea: the right blend of automation and human support, and uses all the tricks my Apple Watch uses to get me moving more to get me writing more.


Super smart writing tool: taps into gamification, habit-forming, positive feedback, everything we know works.


You still have to do the actual writing.

Thanks Alison - that means so much. Good luck with your writing goals - we're cheering you on!
Hey Alison - thanks so much for this!

I've not been using this long but I've already been recommending it to all my writing friends. The self-directed goals and supportive follow-up emails are exactly what every writer needs.


It's got me pushing through some tricky chapters and smashing my usual word count! Great tips and a friendly community as well.


I'm staying up later and later to do my writing as I'm so motivated to meet my goals! I might need to add a sleep target as well.

Hey Willow thanks so much for reviewing it means a lot to us! Although sorry about all the late nights!
Thanks Willow - I am thrilled it's helping. Will add sleep goals to the product backlog! Actually - thinking about it you can set a sleep goal, or a wind down routine like the one Cal Newport does. I feel a new coaching article coming up...
Great product, lovely design. Easy to use
@chris_dessent Hey Chris thank you so much! We really appreciate it!
Great idea! Can’t wait to use it!
@kirstydevlin1 Hey Kirsty thanks so much for your comment and support. Have a wonderful 2019!
@kirstydevlin1 Thank you so much for checking it out - I can't wait to see what you write. Good luck!
I have used this product to kickstart a new job working from home, and it helped me no end. It is particularly powerful as it stays with you on your creative journey, and introduces you to a like-minded community. Very much recommended
@simon_linacre Thank you Simon so kind of you to comment. Really appreciate this and pleased we could help you :-)