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Stop testing ideas and products on your mom or roommate. Use Prolific to launch your survey to 70k+ participants in North America and Europe. We verify and monitor participants so you can get access to high quality psychological and behavioral data in minutes.
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Ekaterina Damer
CEO of Prolific (
Hey PH 😀 I’m Katia, cofounder of Prolific. We built Prolific because I had a hard time finding participants for my psychology studies during my PhD. I briefly used MTurk, but didn’t like the user experience and couldn’t get the data I wanted (UK participants). Researchers build their surveys using Google Forms, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, or another tool; all you need is a survey URL to get started on Prolific. We verify and monitor participants so you can get data fast (most surveys are completed in <2 hours). Studies range from one-to-one interviews to surveys of thousands of people and you can retarget participants anonymously for follow-up studies. You only pay for data you approve. Our business model is to charge a % service charge (typically around 25-35%) on top of rewards researchers pay the participants. We have 70,000+ survey takers in Europe and North America and 100s of demographic filters. Whatever your target demographics are, you can probably find them via Prolific. For example, you can filter for students vs. professionals, Democrats vs. Republicans, old vs. young people, different ethnicities, people with health problems, Brexit voters, and even recruit nationally representative samples! Anyone can sign up as a participant and start earning a little extra cash. The fundamental problem we’re hoping to help with is better access to psychological and behavioral data. We think that any individuals, businesses, and governments would benefit from better access to quality data when making decisions about people. For example, what could we do to best curb climate change? What’s the best way to change unhealthy habits? How can we reduce hate crime and political polarization? The stakes are high, and behavioral research can help us find better answers to these kinds of questions. Although we built Prolific primarily to help academics, we've noticed that businesses have been using the platform for things like market research and idea validation. This is a new market for us that we're excited to explore. We’d love to hear about any ideas, experiences, and feedback you might have. 🙏 Thank you, Katia
Anvisha Pai
Founder @
Love the idea - congrats to the team!
hamza ziaFounder at GitStart
Congrats on the launch guys! I really like that the entire services is auto managed with highly specific target data-points. ✨
Rajiv Ayyangar
Product | Data | Climbing | Wine
Super interesting way to get hard-to-access stats. As a former data scientist, I love this.
Essa SaulatCofounder at Esplorio
Really love what you guys are doing! Good luck :)
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