Projectplace Pro

Create plans, organize teamwork, track your personal tasks

Interesting take on the project management space. What separates you guys from some of the heavier hitters in the space already dominating?
@chezacke Thanks! Our goal is to provide a product that support teams to collaborate in a smart and efficient way. We’ve been active in this space for decades and learnt a lot through the years. Projectplace Pro is an attempt to help modern teams achieve great things by solving common pains and integrate them in one single product, instead of using stand alone apps. Our goal was basically to build an easy to use product so that tasks, goals and long-term planning flows two-way, i.e. between the project manager and the different team members. The key features are: Planning We learnt that teams need a simple way of outlining big chunks of work in time and need to follow progress. You do this by outlining your plan in our simple Gantt tool. Organizing teamwork Teams need an equally simple way to break down the planned work and organize how and who should be working on what. We help teams achieve this by visualising work on a kanban board. Think Trello. Keeping commitments Planning and visualizing your team’s work is good, but getting everyone to do their commitments and update the progress is painful. We provide a simple to-do list to all team members, so that they can be on top of their commitment. Independently of the project, this can be used for all personal tasks, work related or not. Give it a try and see what you think, we would love to get your feedback!
I am intrigued. Will test it out with my team and let you know the results!
@abadchris Thanks! Looking forward to get your feedback!
@abadchris That's great. We love to hear your thoughts.
@perholmlund tell us more about the update/changes in contrast with the OG Projectplace!
@katesegrin Thanks! Projectplace Pro by Planview a unique all-in-one project collaboration and work management solution for the entire team, from the project manager to each individual member. It includes the best tools to get the job done in a new and streamlined process: well-known planning in a Gantt environment, Kanban-based teamwork and personal task management in an integrated flow of work. It’s optimized for teams, minimizes reporting hassle and keep everyone’s daily agenda and tasks updated and synchronized to the plan. And vice versa: the plan is always updated on how work progresses. Projectplace Pro differs from Projectplace Enterprise, which is listed here elsewhere, in UX, features such as the personal todo-list and pricing for teams and SME’s. Signup is free and we have a treat for all hunters going for the Pro plan. Check it out, and please share your comments, questions and feedback.
Can't get passed login. Validated my email address but the iOS app says my email isn't valid.
@sshekou - Thanks for reporting. I'd love to help you get started. I have tried to do exactly what you did, but I cannot reproduce the problem you get. When I check our back-end side I can see that your account have been created successfully, so so far so good. Please try clicking the verification email and create your first project on your laptop and before switching to the iOS app. This web experience will also give you a better introduction to how to connect the visual timeline planning with your actionable tasks on your Kanban Boards as illustrated here:
If you still get the problems, contact us here and we'll for sure help you get started.
Needs a video that showcases the app. Not a bunch of screenshots hidden behind special scrolling functionality, or behind a trial behind a email wall.
@balupton - thanks for your interest in Projectplace Pro. Please see attached a a video that shows how you can work as a team with the app:
Please also see the other video of how to start up your teamwork on the above comment. If you want to give it a try, you are more than welcome to signup for a free trial.