Project Salvo

Raise money for charity and enter to win sweet, sweet stuff!

Project Salvo is a platform for gamers to enter to win epic prize packages, all while raising money for charity. 80% of net proceeds from every donation to a Campaign through Project Salvo go to a non-profit organization!

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I checked out the website for a little bit. I love the concept and the charities you support. Where do you get your revenue from?
@davemapplegate Thanks so much for checking us out! We take 20% gross of the donation. For instance if you donate $10, $2 dollars go to us and $7.36 goes to charity (we deduct payment processing fees from the charity’s portion)
@wyzkid207 Very cool. How has the ProductHunt traffic been so far? Have you gotten any donations?
@davemapplegate traffic has been good, unfortunately no donations yet. But I’m hopeful we will soon. The community is really awesome and I’ve seen them do some amazing things before 😄👍