Project Pulse

Project status pages communicate progress for you

Looks like a cool way to message project statuses to external stakeholders. I've been looking for something like this for awhile. I don't want to necessarily share our internal dashboards but I also don't want to write email updates each week. Excited to try this out and see if it is a light weight solution.
@adamslieb Thanks, Adam. I'll shoot you an email to connect so we can get you into the private beta sooner if you're ready to kick it into gear!
Recently started using this and love what @gvinter has created. Super simple.
This is awesome. I want this now!
@seanbarryuk that's great to hear, Sean, let's work on getting you into the private beta ASAP then. I'll follow up tomorrow!
@gvinter Can I get in also?
@jai_son_m Sure, let me follow up tomorrow via email
Excellent idea!!! I think this will solve a major pain point. Take a look at for some more conceptual ideas.
Thanks, I'd really appreciate it!