Project Psync

Eliminating the stigmatization of mental health issues

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PsyncMaker@projectpsync · CEO, Project Psync
Founder here. When I was depressed, I wish I could talk to someone openly about my feelings, but such a platform didn't exist, so my friends and I created it. We believe that no one should have to go through a tough time alone, and Project Psync hopes to make that process of finding the right person to talk to easier! Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
Yair Kivaiko
Yair Kivaiko@kobaiko · CEO, Rahav Media
@projectpsync Hey Ryan, I love the concept and I think this is really important. Many start ups "want to make the world a better place", this one might actually will. Good luck
Holly@taispy · General Manager, Taiwan Startup Stadium
@projectpsync This is really great, Ryan! Much needed, and lots of room to grow and expand as a source for help when people need it most. Seems you also built this in a pretty short timeframe -- good work!
PsyncMaker@projectpsync · CEO, Project Psync
@kobaiko Thanks so much Yair. The Psync team will keep pushing forward!
PsyncMaker@projectpsync · CEO, Project Psync
@taispy Plenty of work still to be done! Thank you for your kind words. Hoping to be the go to place for people going through a hard time.
Miguel Baumann
Miguel Baumann@miguel_baumann
hi guys, is this project still alive - link is not working anymore? Happy to learn from what you have setup so far?