Project Morpheus

Sony's take on VR with multiplayer gaming coming 2016

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I am really excited to see which VR product comes out on-top. That being said, I was really impressed with Microsoft's Hololens and it's ability to project playable holograms.
@cpollo01 Hololens is Augmented Reality (AR). AR will likely win in the long term over VR, but it needs a lot more processing power, and the hardware needs to be cable-free for consumers to really care. We're a long way from that. VR will be the beachhead - powered by consoles and PCs. Of those, Sony, HTC/Steam, and Samsung all have interesting solutions. Oculus/Facebook is super interesting, since they've acquired a solution that allows them to play both the VR and AR side. MS is setting up AR nicely (although it'll be very pricey), but look out for announcements from Google in due course.
@cpollo01 I can't decide which VR to get. Which one are you leaning towards?
Sony Plans to release Morpheus with over 30 games already in development. Sony's virtual reality headset will launch in the first half of 2016 for "several hundred dollars." "There are small puzzle games. Relaxation games. First-person exploration games. Networked games where you can play with other people. Games where you can play a different game in a tabletop display — which, just to remind you, is in the virtual space. That is, you’re in a VR environment, playing a game you might have once played on a regular console. It’s like a 3-D version of picture-in-picture."
Really excited for us to get one of these in the office. Right @russfrushtick, @rrhoover 😁?
@mscccc "research"
@rrhoover @mscccc Obviously required to continue hunting all the VR games upcoming no?
I had the opportunity to try out Morpheus, and it was so much better than I had expected it to be! I'd say it easily beats an Oculus DK2. However, I imagine (and hope) the consumer Oculus HMD will be a "better" experience. But the fact that this will work out of the box with a PS4 and have AAA game support right off the bat, makes it a super exciting product regardless. It will also hopefully be a nice intro for consumers into the future of VR.