Project Lume

Explore your 3D Data in VR ⚡️

Working with TheLeeLab at Cambridge University, we are developing a multi-user VR doorway for anyone to explore, comprehend and share 3D point cloud data.

Imagine walking inside a giant white blood cell or exploring the density changes inside a cancerous tumour. We hope to enable significant breakthroughs in scientific research and beyond.

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Hi Guys, I am Alex the founder of Project Lume. We are really excited to hear what you guys think and especially what we can improve ! It is currently available for you to download for FREE - it has been developed for the HTC VIVE (Sorry Oculus users... SOON). Our main users are scientists and researchers. We aim to make the most impactful contribution at two stages of the Research Process: - Early on to encourage a more natural way of exploring their raw point cloud data. Imagine walking through a brain tumour the size of an elephant and analysing it's density changes ! - Later on to share their data and analysis with their peers or to get the General Public excited about SCIENCE Things are still under active development so please get in touch - AMA ! All the best, Alex
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Make a Project Lume for other types of data


Excellent way of visualising data, great example of how VR can be used as a tool over its stereotypical association with gaming.


Maybe a bit hard to understand

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Hi Travis, Thanks for your comment! So happy you can see the potential in a tool like this :) If you are ever in London give us a shout and we would be more than happy to demo it to you first hand ! I am sure you will find it very easy to use and understand once inside it. Or if you have a Vive we can send you the Alpha Build? Let me know, Alex
I think this platform is great and so under-rated! I really would like to know if you are considering using other types data! This could be a great way for scientists and doctors to discover issues within the body on a molecular level!
@travsayz Hi Travis - You can currently drag and drop any type of 3D data in VR - we just ask you to convert it to a csv file beforehand. LiDar, GIS, Star data, 3D Scans you can put anything in there, have fun ! CSV files are quite universal so we started there but compatibility with other formats is coming soon. STAY TUNED :)
Great job!! 😊 Cool concept to try it out