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#5 Product of the DayJuly 21, 2014
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I signed up for this last week and bailed during the onboarding process. It asks a ton of questions (needed to find the "right match") but I wasn't sold upfront to go through the effort. Curious what others think of this.
@rrhoover Sarah from Project Fixup here. Thanks for signing up Ryan! Sorry if the questionnaire felt a little lengthy - we're trying to capture the key points of demographic preferences and interests so we can match you with someone you'd like to meet for a first date. Once you get through it, the rest of the time there's zero work spent messaging or scheduling, so hopefully it's worth it and you'll give it a shot :).
@rrhoover I just breezed through the signup—it seemed pretty easy to me. Though I constantly had the nagging feeling that I could add more answers to improve match chances, that my own laziness would break the system.
@rrhoover I just finished it. Yeah, it definitely felt a little long. But is simple & well designed. I'll report back how it goes :)
@spressto I 100% understand and the heavy onboarding likely leads to more committed daters later on. @mscccc @willimholte let us know how it goes and take pics. :)
I checked this out pretty thoroughly last week and thought it was a pretty good approach, but somewhat niche. I really liked their copy. I'm sure busy professionals will appreciate it, and the $20 price point ensures more positive outcomes as daters will take things a bit more seriously. An aside, I know that The Dating Ring is moving pretty heavily toward this approach.
@ashyboy Glad you dig our site copy and approach! And yep, we know there are a few other startups entering this space as well, which is fine by us. Ultimately, it will come down to execution, and we are focused on creating the best product and customer experience possible and excited for the future. Best of luck with Mesh - seems like a great take on online dating as well!
Just wrote about this one: Interesting to me bc it cuts out all the back and forth messaging and gets you in front of real people. One drawback is you really have to trust the "fixup specialist" to find you a match.
@sarahbuhr I'm interested to hear other perspectives, but to me any 'fixup specialist' should be able to do a reasonably good job of matching me—at least compared to my own ability to judge people based on online profiles.
@sarahbuhr your article is by far my favorite of any coverage we've had, really enjoyed the 3rd party research you included. I was going to reach out and see if you're interested in doing some 1st hand research a la your own fixup... but IG tells me you're not exactly single :p (congrats!!!) That said, if anyone else on the TC team wants to give PF a shot, we just relaunched last week! We're in SF, Chi, and Triangle like before.. but will should be in NYC and LA by summertime if you have single staffers out there :)
Hi all! I didn't fully introduce myself earlier but I'm Sarah, the co-founder and CEO of Project Fixup. Happy to answer any questions you all have - feel free to post here or email me at anytime. Thanks @sarahbuhr for sharing our site on Product Hunt!
Hey Guys, Just wanted to check in and say that we've relaunched Project Fixup after a brief hiatus (and I've rejoined, after a few years of hiatus, having been on the team back in 2013). I'm going to be taking the lead with things and would love any feedback from the PH community!