Project Da Vinci

Send your video into space on a time capsule in a satellite

We won a NASA award to send a satellite into space. We're creating a modern version of Carl Sagan's Golden Record which was a Time Capsule sent into space back in the 70s.

Carl Sagan is a personal hero of mine and since it's the 40th anniversary of the Golden Record we just had to do it!

We're gathering leaders of many fields around the world to represent humanity and what it's like today.

Youth cultural leaders like Casey Neistat and Logan Paul.

The biggest names in Aerospace, Peter Diamandis and Burt Rutan.

We also have the best musician in the world, Taylor Swift participating.

We're gathering as many videos as we can to represent humanity as best as possible. Our goal is to get at least one video from every country in the world.

So contribute whatever you like! It could be a memory of a loved one. You & your friends having fun! A news clip that you feel represents 2017 (oh there are so many...). Anything you like that you feel represents you and/or represents the world!

Now get going!