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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 27, 2018

Find a co-hacker for your latest project

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Hi all πŸ‘‹ excited to have my first project hunted here. Project Board to helps people find a co-hacker for projects they're creating. Currently, you can: πŸ”Ž Sort, search, and filter through submitted projects. πŸ”” Sign up to receive emails featuring projects you've selected interest about. Coming soon: πŸ‘ Voting While the site is half-baked, I hope it is helpful. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
@jjcoleman97 have to say, it's a hell of an MVP - an airtable embed within a single HTML page. Really triggers other ideas that can use a similar form factor.
@adityr Absolutely. No code involved either, using + Airtable. Thanks!
Looks interesting, nice MVP! I already saw some projects there that sounded pretty cool. Are you planning to keep all messaging within Project Board or do you expect users to continue outside of the platform?
@gramonov For now, all messaging is done outside, Project Board is just the springboard. We'll be implementing commenting though relatively soon. Thanks for your interest!
I'm obsessed with this already. Can't wait to see its evolution over time.
@theclaw33 Thanks Lindsay πŸ™Œ