Project AVR

World tracking motion controls for mobile VR with ARKit

Project AVR uses the power of ARKit to bring world tracking motion controls to mobile VR

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Hey PH, 16 y/o dev here, I just released my new project called Project AVR. It lets you use mobile VR with world tracking motion controls without buying additional hardware using ARKit. It only requires a mobile VR viewer and two smartphones, compared to the gaming PC, sensor and cable requirements of other VR sets. It's in really early stage (e.g it only works if you face north while using it 😅), currently compatible with GearVR, Cardboard and iPhone. The tech demo and the Remote app can be found here: (Unity SDK coming soon!) I would love to hear what you think about it! 🤗
Hey Roland! Love this. What was the inspiration behind building it?
@nickabouzeid Hey! I was always always amazed with the concept of mobile VR but it sucked to miss out on the motion-control and room-scale goodness without buying additional hardware. When ARKit was introduced, it clicked that it could be used in a reversed manner. Instead of rendering a 3D world following the phone, another 3D world in VR could follow the phone and act as a controller :)
@hroland_ Love it. Congratulations on the launch :)
This is great. Good job guys.
Fantastic job and fixes a real issue. Does it also support using two phones for sculpting/manipulating?
Seriously cool. I've been waiting for someone to do this